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(IL) is the management process which facilitates development and integration of the 10 individual logistic support elements to specify, design, develop, acquire, test, field, and support systems.


Astra has a methodology employed to more efficiently manage inventory mechanisms. The activities are viewed as a system, rather than many disparate activities. Usually involves the inventory pulls from manufacturing sites and warehouses, through distribution to the customer. The execution involves merging transportation modes, systems and distribution for the optimum solution.

We at Astra provide you with the Best Integrated Logistics system, for cost optimization & reduction in the Cycle Time.

Cycle Time = Processing Time + Storage Time + Movement Time + Inspection Time.

Only the first element, Processing time ,adds value to the product.The other three elements do nothing to make the product more valuable.The analysis , therefore ,attempts to identify the activities that do not directly add value to the product & to eliminate., or reduce the cost of, these activities. We at ASTRA help you identify those & make the process smooth & cost effective.

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